Agency services

We arrange the following services across the world

  • Inspection of fire extinguishing systems, CO2 and foam systems
  • Maintenance of fire extinguishers
  • Inspection of water mist systems used in fire protection
  • Calibration of gas detection devices
  • Inspection of self-contained breathing apparatus and compressors
  • Pressure testing and refilling of pressure cylinders
  • Delivery of medical oxygen kits (portable and stationary)
  • Maintenance and  replacement of life jackets
  • Maintenance and replacement of chemical/gas hazmat suits, immersion suits and fireman’s outfit
  • Maintenance of life rafts
  • Inspection of lifeboats and release systems (release and retrieval mechanisms) in accordance with MSC. 402(96); MSC.404 (96)
  • Load tests on crane systems, gangways, decks, lifting beams, bridges, boats, davits/release mechanisms
  • Ultrasonic wall thickness measurements, non-destructive testing
  • Underwater inspection/repair work
  • Underwater hull/propeller cleaning
  • Sealing and sealant repairs on the hull
  • Underwater propeller repair
  • Underwater welding