We offer inspection and certification for the life-saving appliances of all manufacturers in accordance with SOLAS regulations – and, thanks to our in-house engineers and partner companies, we can do so all over the world.

We can also handle the maintenance, repair and replacement of life-saving appliances and systems.

Inspection and certification of LSAs

Annual and five-year services for boats, davits and hooks

We carry out inspection and certification work as part of the annual and five-year services required by MSC. 402(96); MSC.404 (96). This applies to:

  • Lifeboats/ Rescue boats
  • Release and retrieval systems: davits and ramps for free-fall lifeboats, provisions cranes, combined cranes for the release of boats and life rafts
  • Release mechanisms, hooks
  • Life raft release systems and life raft hooks
  • Offshore boat service
  • Offshore crane service

Thanks to certification from classification societies and flag state approvals, we are able to perform numerous services without class oversight. We work closely with classes and flag states; if, for example, we don’t have approval from a particular flag state, we will arrange special dispensation.

Maintenance and repair

If a crew member notices a defect in the existing safety equipment or if we pick up on problems during the course of an inspection, we will arrange for repair work to be carried out and/or handle the ordering of spare parts. We can also conduct follow-up servicing.


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