Newsblog October 2016

Overhaul of freefall boat

Dear visitor,

below we would like to give you a brief insight on additional work on our part, during a 5 - year LSA Services give.

In this case, it is the overhaul of a freefall boat. Not only the technical side, like the engine, the electrical and safety equipment will be checked by our technicians and, if necessary, repaired / replaced but also the " Exterior " is important to us. Therefore we also offer the repainting of the boats, in this case, a freefall boat, on. [Nbsp]


The paint is faded after 15 years at sea. There were all extensions and reflectors removed.


Very good to see the difference between old and new paint.


And here, after completion of the work.


Incl. the polishing of the windows.

If you have any questions about this or other topics in the range of firefighting, LSA service or load test, you can feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail to


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