Newsblog 2016

Annual LSA Service

Dear visitor

one of our long-standing customers, has ordered an annual LSA Service in our hometown Hamburg. One of our technician start to carry out this service.

He began by reviewing the brake of the rescueboat davit.

Brake after removing cover


Dismantled brake without additional parts


Mounted rescueboat

Freefallboat locked in ramp

Swinging out freefallboat for brake test

The service was performed to the complete satisfaction of the customer and the class surveyor. We are looking forward to carry out service again next year.

If you have any questions about LSA service or on the subject firefighting, load testing or similar, you are welcome to contact us by phone or by e-mail to

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Overhaul of freefall boat

Dear visitor,

below we would like to give you a brief insight on additional work on our part, during a 5 - year LSA Services give.

In this case, it is the overhaul of a freefall boat. Not only the technical side, like the engine, the electrical and safety equipment will be checked by our technicians and, if necessary, repaired / replaced but also the " Exterior " is important to us. Therefore we also offer the repainting of the boats, in this case, a freefall boat, on. [Nbsp]


The paint is faded after 15 years at sea. There were all extensions and reflectors removed.


Very good to see the difference between old and new paint.


And here, after completion of the work.


Incl. the polishing of the windows.

If you have any questions about this or other topics in the range of firefighting, LSA service or load test, you can feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail to


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New building supply

Dear visitor,

because of current inquiries, we would like to pick up the issue NEW BUILDING SUPPLY.

The equipment of new buildings is always an extensive part. We like to support you to identify all needed parts, based on the existing regulations/rules, quote and deliver in the field of safety equipment (SCBA sets, EEBDs, lifejackets etc.), firefighting (fire hoses and accessories, protective clothes etc.) and signage (IMO - signs/poster).

in addition to this, our colleagues of the VFR Marine Service GmbH & Co. KG can assist in complete range of electrical equipment. From small button cell, parts of ships electrical plants (for example contactors, circuit breakers etc.) to refrigerator, the colleagues will support you. To obtain an overview of the entire portfolio, we recommend visiting the website

Should you have any further question on this topic, you can contact us by phone or send an e-mail to

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Inspection of CO ² system

We got the order from one of our customers to carry out annual fire fighting services. Regarding this services, here are some photos, showing existing CO ² system on board.

Review of 452 CO ² bottles a 45 kg

Visual inspection of the distribution system on leakage or corrosion

Four pilot cylinder for engine room and cargo hold

Control cabinet


Our service technician carried out within one day.

This is only a small part of the services.

If you have further questions about CO² or fire fighting services but also for LSA service, load test or similar, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our colleagues.

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Recertification of classes

Dear visitors,

today we would like to inform you that we have been successfully re-certified this year by following class societies:

Lloyds register
Bureau Veritas

as well as representatives of the German flag, the BG Verkehr

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Annual LSA Service



We were assigned, third time in a row, to carry out annual LSA service.

Further we would like to present some impressions of our work on board:

Checking break of rescue boat davit

Functional test of rescue boat engine

Inspection of rescue boat davit

Controll of freefall boat

Incl. release hook

Test of freefall boat davit

Visual inspection of freefall boat engine

This is only a small part of service.

If you have any question about LSA service or firefighting, load test or similar, you are welcome to contact us by phone and/or e - mail.

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